Giveaway + Getaway


So,  I am sorry for getting your hopes up, but the giveaway is not actually a getaway…but you should hurry up, and head on over to Aanna’s chic blog for all the details on the drawing! It may not be a trip, but it WILL start you down a new promenade of health! (such shameless self promotion).

But seriously hurry, because time is ticking, just hours left!  


Thanks to this shimmering beauty :: 

ImageI have been having a blast creating fitness plans for you all this summer, Aanna has definitely inspired me to expand my vision for Promenade Wellness. With this inspiration comes much thinking and planning for what comes next, which leads me to…vacation! Yessss!

For me, inspiration comes via relaxation, and husband and I will be taking a trip to the gorgeous Colorado this month.  However, I do plan to share the personal workouts I will be doing throughout the month via IG, so go ahead, follow me and copy cat! Plus you can always go back and remix some May or July routines as well, I may be : ) 

Enjoy the last few weeks of summer! 


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