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I’m Abby Bounds, a 20 something wife, nutritionist, and runner. I LOVE wine/kombucha/craft beer/dark chocolate and arugula (yes arugula, I’m obsessed). I have always loved food and had a desire to fuel my body well. I also believe in indulging a little now and then, and remembering to simply enjoy life!

I am a certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant through Bauman College, a Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts School. My time at Bauman helped me make sense of the relationship between food and illness. I am committed to sharing the Bauman Eating for Health model. A model that is based on the use of whole, organic foods, nutritive herbs, and appropriate supplementation to promote health, restore metabolic balance, and support recovery from injury and illness.

I specialize in diet analysis, meal planning, and overall nutrition support.

I love food, and believe God created it for more than sustenance alone, it is meant to be enjoyable as well as healing. I am committed to supporting others enjoy life as they heal and achieve their health goals.

If you are interested in receiving personal nutrition consulting, email me at: abbyg.bounds@gmail.com


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