may summer shape up

Hi lovelies!

Anyone in need of some motivation to get in shape for summer besides me?


I recently created a 31 day challenge for the month of May!  ANYONE can do it, ANYTIME, and ANYWHERE, no gym required.


How about joining a group of gals (and guys) who are accepting my friend Aanna’s May Summer Shape Up Challenge?!

(created especially for her fabulous blog)

Thanks to good ‘ol social media we can all keep each other accountable for the entire month! Via the Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

Who’s with me?!


3 thoughts on “may summer shape up

  1. Ok, Abby you got me – good timing for getting ready for bathing suit season at the neighborhood pool. 🙂 I’m going to TRY it! :/ Thanks for the workout challenge – looks great… and challenging for me! 🙂

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